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LoVe can make Granny Y like this?? November 20, 2008

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5 Responses to “LoVe can make Granny Y like this??”

  1. Grandpa Y Says:

    waaaa….see, my lovely wife. even though she is chasing after you holding 2 knife toys, she doesnt seem fierce or threatening…and see u..u still can “ha ha ha “there while running..u look enjoying ya….one more thing, the ballon ar…seem like tying her neck le…mahu dia gantung sampai mati ke?

  2. 小瓜 Says:

    kalau tak ada balloon, nanti the heart too heavy, jatuh n mati juga wo….now i know what is meant by “love is blind”….wish u 2 甜蜜蜜la…

  3. clementwong Says:

    you two are disgusting…. nat.. when did u know how to write chinese ah?

  4. Grandpa Y Says:

    jika mahu ballon., pls put more ballons ma….one nt enuf..dia akan jatuh juga…u dun knw this earth got thing called daya tarikan graviti? =p

  5. clementwong Says:

    huh? what are u guys talking about? i wanna listen!… or i wanna understand… ha ha ha

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