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Granny Y November 19, 2008

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Introducing to u, 小瓜’s fren, called Granny Y (u know who u are..’wink wink’). She has a weird habit of tying a balloon to her heart…(u have to ask her why urself)…other than that, she’s a lovely granny….granny-y


8 Responses to “Granny Y”

  1. Grandpa Y Says:

    let me help her to explain…why she likes to do in tat way becos u knw la..she is too kind, having a lovely heart. so she intends to spread her love around the world. hence, tie it wt ballons…and u, draw more ballons la..one cant bring my wife’s heavy heart to the sky…her heart is FULLed wt love…=D wuahahaha….

  2. 小瓜 Says:

    since when muncul pulak seorang grandpa y???? hey grandpa,u sure it’s full of LoVe???

  3. Grandpa Y Says:

    ei…hw dare u doubt me huh? im her hubby, the closest person…who are u to say me like this huh? she is FULLed wt LOVE…the most lovely woman in this world i ever met.

  4. 小瓜 Says:

    ok lo ok lo..sorry gandpa….ur wife is the MOST LOVING N CHARMING person in the whole wide world la….

  5. clementwong Says:

    ha ha ha… can i join in the fun?

  6. Grandpa Y Says:

    cant!!! this is my family business…outsider is nt welcomed…=p….i need to solve it wt that small gua gua…

  7. clementwong Says:

    ha ha ha, i always she’s only usefil when………..

  8. Jani Says:

    how bout mummy?

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